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How to Use Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover

Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover is made with salicylic acid, which is described as a peeling agent by 1. Using this type of drug to treat a wart is effective because it encourages the outer layer of skin to shed, which eventually causes the wart to fall off, revealing healthy skin. Dr. Scholl's provides several types of wart remover 1. All work in the same manner, but may be applied differently.

Wash the area to be treated with a mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry.

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Rub off any loose or flakey skin with a soft brush or an emery board. Wipe off the skin with a towel to remove the skin that has been loosened.

Review the wart remover instructions before beginning. Depending on which type of product is used, the first step may be different. The solution found in the Clear Away and Freeze Away product line should be shaken before using.

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Open one medicated disc or One Step Invisible Strip, if this is the type of product being used. Apply the product directly to the wart and press the adhesive tabs firmly onto the skin. This completes the application for this type of product.

Open a new applicator that comes with the liquid or gel solutions for the wart remover. Insert the cotton tipped applicator into the Freeze Away container with the cotton tip upwards. The applicator should be locked in place by twisting the can's top clockwise. The first use may take up to three seconds for the solution to make its way to the tip of the applicator when it is pressed to a hard surface. For other solutions, open the cap to reveal the opening. Pour a few drops onto the other types of applicators.

Press the applicator to the wart. Apply the solution only to the center. Touching the surrounding skin can cause unnecessary peeling.

Cover the wart with an adhesive cover if provided in the kit. Withdraw the applicator from the bottle. Throw all used applicators away.

Repeat the application daily for as many days as directed, which can be three days for the fast-acting products and up to seven applications for other methods. The discs and thin strips should be removed daily and reapplied for up to seven days or as directed.


Continue using the salicylic acid until the desired results are achieved. Stop using the product if the skin becomes inflamed, bleeds or develops an unusual appearance.


Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover should not be used to treat warts that appear near the eyes, mouth lips inside the nose, genitals or anal areas, according to The medicine should not be allowed to touch any of these areas by accident either.

Apply the wart remover to skin that is unbroken only. An open wound can be exacerbated by the salicylic acid.

Talk to a doctor before using this medicine on a child or on an individual who has poor circulation, diabetes, liver disease or kidney disease.