How to Turn Anxiety Into Your Best Friend

Dan Ryckert, author of Anxiety as an Ally, talks about harnessing the power of anxiety to push you to do things you are afraid of on the STRONGER podcast.

Anxiety keeps so many of us from doing the things we dream of. When you're dealing with a racing heart, excessive thoughts and chronic tension, how do you even begin to tackle your goals?

According to “Anxiety as an Ally" author Dan Ryckert, there’s a flip side to this bothersome condition, and it looks surprisingly optimistic. In the latest episode of the LIVESTRONG.COM podcast Stronger, Ryckert makes a strong case for using your anxiety to fuel your dreams.

“I never say ‘no’ to something because I am afraid of the anxiety,” says Ryckert, who has struggled with an anxiety disorder for many years. “The concept of not doing something because of my anxiety is scarier to me than the anxiety to begin with.”

Ryckert has jumped out of seven airplanes (and counting), traveled the world and given many public speeches. And he thanks his mental disorder for all of this. “It was the drive to beat the anxiety because I wanted to prove to myself that I could overcome my fears.”

Listen to the Stronger podcast to hear Ryckert discuss how anxiety can be used to achieve some serious goals. He tells us exactly how to do this, leaving us plotting our next big (and scary) challenge.