How to Stop Hair From Growing on a Woman's Face

Approximately 20 million American women need to remove facial hair at least once a week, according to a 1999 study done by Bristol Myers and featured in CNN. Hormonal fluctuations that occur can cause a condition known as hirsutism. This makes hair appear in places that normally occur on men, including the chest, back and face. While seeking treatment to stop the hair growth, you can remove the hair through plucking or waxing.

Make an appointment with your doctor. Your physician will likely want to order blood work in order to measure the amount of male hormones in your blood, like testosterone. The results determine the type of medication recommended to stop facial hair growth.

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Receive a prescription drug to stop hair from growing on your face. If your doctor determines it is a hormonal problem, oral contraceptives or anti-androgen drugs will be prescribed. Oral contraceptives cease androgen production while anti-androgen drugs prevent the hormone from attaching to receptors. A topical cream called eflornithine is available for the treatment of female facial hair growth. The cream slows down hair growth when applied on a daily basis.

Wait it out to see if the medication has made a difference. If no change is seen after one to two months, your doctor may recommend a different type of treatment method, according to 1.

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Undergo a dermatological treatment to stop hair growth on the face. Options include electrolysis or laser hair removal. During electrolysis, an electrical current destroys the hair follicle to stop growth. Highly concentrated light administered during laser hair removal disables the hair follicles. Multiple treatments may be required for permanent results and side effects may occur.


You may also bleach the hair that appears on the face. Bleaching removes the pigment in order to camouflage excess facial hair on women.