How to Remove Soft Corns Between My Toes

Corns aren't a serious or life-threatening medical condition, but they can be painful and irritating. They happen when skin builds up over a place of increased friction, according to the Connecticut Surgical Group, like where two toes rub together. Some corns are hard and leathery, while others appear soft and moist. The methods you use to treat your corn are the same for both types. Over-the-counter remedies are all most people need, but stubborn corns may require attention from a doctor or dermatologist.

Wash your foot with soap and mild water. Use a washcloth or pumice stone to rub away to soft top layer of skin on your corn, if any suck skin is present. Dry your feet with a clean towel.

How to Remove Foot Corns Naturally

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Apply the corn pad to dry skin so your corn rests in the hole in the center. Corn pads cushion the corn so it doesn't rub against the adjacent toe as it heals.

Apply a thin layer of salicylic acid gel over your corn. Some corn pads come pre-medicated with salicylic acid. If this is the case, apply the corn pad according to the package directions.

How Does Corn Removal Work?

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Repeat the above processes daily until your corn has healed completely. Moisturize your foot skin on a regular basis, recommends, to help prevent future corns 2. Wear shoes that don't force your toes together and cause extra rubbing and friction.