How to Remove Silicone From Skin

If you've ever caulked your bathroom yourself then you know what it's like to get silicone caulk on your skin and then try to remove it; it's a pain 2. Obviously if you can avoid getting it on skin that is the best possible option, but that can be hard, especially if you don't happen to have a pair of rubber gloves handy. Also, it's often easier to use your fingers to get the silicone caulk where you want it to go, since it rarely seems to come out of the tube in just the right way. However, it's important to remove all silicone from the skin, as it is highly toxic 2.

Rub a plastic bag against the areas of skin that have silicone.

Rinse skin with water.

Rub nail polish remover directly on the silicone that is still stuck to skin. This should remove any remaining stubborn silicone 12.

Wash, rinse and dry skin.

Spray hands or any skin that may come into contact with silicone with WD-40 before handling any silicone. This will help to prevent the silicone from sticking to skin in the first place.

Spray hands with Windex when done handling the silicone. This will remove the WD-40 and hopefully any silicone that may have stuck to skin 2.

Wash skin thoroughly with warm soap and water, then dry it off.


You can also try coating skin that is going to be coming into contact with silicone with nail polish remover before handling the silicone. This should prevent the silicone from sticking to skin.


Remove all silicone from your skin, it is highly toxic. You especially want to be sure your hands have all silicone removed from them because it is poisonous if you accidentally get some in your mouth.