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How to Remove Impacted Ear Wax in Children

Everyone has ear wax, and usually this sticky substance is a good thing. It can catch debris or bacteria that enters the ear and prevent infections 3. However, an overabundance of ear wax that becomes impacted in the ear canal can be quite painful as well as impede a doctor's examination of the ear to detect infection. Impacted ear wax can also affect hearing. If your child's ear is impacted but she doesn't have symptoms of an infection like a fever or dizziness, you can usually treat the impaction at home.

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Mix a solution of half hydrogen peroxide and half warm, but not hot, water.

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Using an eye dropper, place drops into your child's ear until you can see the solution at the top of the ear canal. Your child should be laying down or have his head tilted to the side while you do this.

Keep the drops in your child's ear for several minutes, keep his head tilted to the side to ensure the solution remains in the ear canal.

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Allow your child to straighten his head and blot up any excess solution that comes out.

Apply the drops daily over the course of 3 to 5 days.

Fill a bulb syringe with warm water.

Squirt the warm water from the bulb syringe into your child's ear 3. The repeated use of the peroxide and water solution will have broken up the wax in your child's ear, and it should flow out with the water 3.


If the wax does not come out after flushing your child's ear, you can try using the drops for a few more days and then flushing again. If home remedies do not work, your child needs to see a doctor, who can remove the wax using specialized tools.


Never insert anything, even a cotton swab, into your child's ear canal. Consult your pediatrician if your child shows any signs of infection.