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How to Keep Eyebrow Hair From Falling Out

Eyebrows are needed to keep sweat from our forehead from running over our eyes. In addition, eyebrows can be groomed to enhance the aesthetics of your face. However, there are several causes of eyebrow hair falling off such as the alopecia and dermatitis skin diseases, accidents, bacteria, or excessive plucking. In addition, eyebrow hair will naturally grow shorter as you age. If you are ever concerned in your own looks, or simply wish to maintain eyebrow growth for the sake of capturing sweat, you can employ certain methods to keep eyebrow hair from falling out.

Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your eyebrow areas before going to bed. These products can help prevent your skin from becoming too dry especially during winter season. It will also benefit you if your skin is already damaged. You can also apply a natural moisturizing cream that can stimulate hair growth such as Folligen Cream, which is available at all health food stores.

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Change your diet to stop your eyebrow hairs from falling out. Stay away from sugary foods such as pastries which can raise your blood sugar and cause hair loss. Instead, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, include protein rich foods such as tofu and nuts to strengthen your hair.

Lower your stress levels if you are stressed. Stress causes your white blood cells to attack your hair follicles, causing hair loss 2. Doing activities such as reading a good book, listening to relaxing music and performing yoga can help relieve stress.

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Consult a dermatologist and have her assess your skin. A dermatologist can determine the cause of hair loss by running a few blood tests and microscopic examinations of your hair follicles 3. Some treatments performed in the dermatology clinic for eyebrow hair loss include cortisone shots and mesotherapy 3.


You must consult your physician before embarking on self treatments for eyebrow hair loss.