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How to Get Rid of Yellow in the Eyes

When the skin and eyes take on a yellow tinge, the reason is usually jaundice. A substance called bilirubin, which remains after old red blood cells are disposed of, is responsible for the yellow pigment. Each day, about 1 percent of your red blood cells are sent to the liver to be disposed, so new ones can take their place. Bilirubin, which is the by-product of this process, is usually eliminated in stool. However, excess bilirubin can result from too many red blood cells being sent to the liver or liver damage and disease.

If too much bilirubin accumulates in the body, jaundice can result. Causes can include alcoholism, pancreatic cancer, autoimmune or viral hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver. The method to remove the yellow from your eyes is dependent on several factors.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to determine the underlying cause of the yellow in your eyes. Consent to a liver function test, hepatitis A, B and C tests, and bilirubin tests.

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Refrain from drinking alcohol if your jaundice is caused by liver damage due to alcoholism. Ask your doctor to recommend a treatment program if necessary.

Evaluate any medications you are on with the help of your physician or pharmacist. Inquire about a substitution if it is found the medication is responsible for the jaundice.

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Increase your iron intake if it is found your yellowing eyes are due to anemia. Eat foods such as beef, liver, chicken, green leafy vegetables and beans to increase your iron levels.

Take an antiviral medication as prescribed by your doctor if you have a treatable form of hepatitis. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus.