How to Get Rid of Pimples on Your Feet

Pesky pimples are not limited to your face. While the face, chest and back areas are the more popular hangouts for pustules, pimples can pop up anywhere on your skin. A pimple occurs when excess sebum clogs a hair follicle -- which are located everywhere from your face to your feet. The bacteria in the follicle then creates either a blackhead or a white head on the skin's surface. Hormones and bacteria are mostly to blame for bothersome blemishes, but a consistent foot-cleansing routine can push pimples aside.

Step into a warm shower and wash your body as you normally would. The steam from the shower will help open your pores and soften the skin around any pimples on your feet.

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Place your foot on a shower stool or bend down to reach your feet. Squeeze a dollop of acne-fighting skin cleanser onto your fingertips 1.

Massage the cleanser gently onto the top of the foot, working the suds in between the toes and along the bottom 1. Pay particular attention to the area where pimples often arise. Rinse with warm water. Repeat on the other foot.

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Step out of the shower and pat your feet dry with a clean towel 1.

Place the small end of a stainless-steel blemish-extraction tool on top of the pimple 2. Firmly yet carefully press down. The pore should break and the trapped dirt and debris will pop out 1. If nothing happens, refrain from pushing harder. This pimple is not ready to pop 2.

Saturate a cotton ball with toner, and pat the pimple on your foot with the cotton ball. The toner acts as an antiseptic that can kill new bacteria that might otherwise seep back into the open pore.

Place a pea-sized or smaller amount of benzoyl peroxide on your fingertip. Cover the pimple with the ointment and allow to dry.

Sit down and rub a dime-sized amount of foot moisturizer onto your feet 1. Wait a few minutes for the moisturizer to settle into the skin before getting up. Moisturizer is important because the acne-fighting wash has oil-absorbing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which are known to cause dryness.


Make sure to take daily showers to keep your feet clean.


Always sterilize your extraction tool with alcohol after each use.

If the pimples continue to reappear despite your foot-cleansing routine, or if you notice a cluster of red bumps, consult your dermatologist.