How to Chi Block

In ancient Chinese Taoist tradition, chi or qi is the energy that flows through all things in the universe. It is also what gives us the power to keep moving, as it flows freely and smoothly through our bodies. When chi is blocked, either through natural causes or more nefarious means, it can stop us from being able to function physically, mentally and emotionally for a small amount of time or, in rare circumstances, permanently. The ability to block another persons chi is called chi blocking, and it is a skill that can be learned through years of training.

Find a pressure point. There are hundreds of acupressure points on the body, with many located along the spine, in the abdominal area and on the major joints. According to a Mayo Clinic article on acupuncture, pressure points are points in the body that are more sensitive than others due to having a larger number of nerves endings that can be stimulated with things like needles to make blood and energy flow more freely. Conversely, applying pressure to these points can stop or temporarily block the flow of chi in the person's body. Knowing where these points are on the body is the first step to chi blocking.

Chi Blocking Pressure Points

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Apply the appropriate pressure to the acupressure point. Different types of pressure on the various acupressure points will lead to different results. A hard strike to the top of the spine at the bottom of the head can lead to a person being paralyzed, while applying tiny needles to the area around the knee may cause you limp. The pressure you apply will determine the outcome. The basic idea is to be as accurate as possible. Strike the desired area, and the chi will be blocked.

Manipulate the affected area. Sometimes manipulation involves grabbing or pushing a person in order to escape an attack. In the traditional Chinese tai chi, practitioners use chi manipulation to control an opponent and use their own energy against them. The effects of chi blocking don't tend to last very long, so manipulation is key to maintaining control of the situation. Think of chi blocking as giving you just enough time to diffuse an otherwise hostile situation.


Do not attack or assault people with the idea of manipulating chi. This is a skill that takes years of study and practice to master.