How Prelief Works

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Prelief is an over the counter product that is a brand name for a supplement called calcium glycerophosphate. Calcium glycerophosphate neutralizes acids in foods. Taking Prelief before eating acidic foods can help to reduce or relieve symptoms in patients whose medical conditions are exacerbated by acid consumption. Prelief comes in either tablet or powder form, and can be swallowed whole or shaken over food to decrease acid.

How Does Prelief Work?

The chemical in Prelief raises the pH of acidic foods and thus neutralizes the acid contained in these foods. It does not reduce acid production in the stomach, nor does it make acid in the stomach more alkaline in nature, so it needs to be taken prior to eating foods with a high acid content. By reducing the acidity of the food before it enters the body, the manufacturers of Prelief claim that it can assist in managing symptoms caused by several different illnesses.

Indications for Prelief

Manufacturer's claims state that by lowering the acid content of foods, Prelief can relieve symptoms of illnesses in which acidity in the body can cause problems. Upper digestive conditions like heartburn and GERD are often exacerbated by eating acidic foods, causing patients suffering from these conditions to give up foods they love and that are nutritious. These symptoms may be moderated or relieved with Prelief. Interstitial cystitis, a painful inflammatory bladder condition, is also exacerbated by acidic foods in some patients. According to manufacturers, patients may get relief from bladder pain by taking Prelief.

Clinical Studies on Prelief

A clinical study published in the journal Urology in 2007 indicates that patients with interstitial cystitis had statistically significant improvement in their symptoms by using Prelief. The study was based on patient self-perception of symptom relief, so the possibility of a placebo effect must be taken into account. Other studies validate the finding that Prelief assists with IC symptoms as well. At the 2009 annual meeting of the American Urological Association, a study showed that Prelief was one of the top four treatment choices for both men and women with bladder pain.

Side Effects of Prelief

Prelief has no identified side effects. However, patients with parathyroid problems or elevated blood calcium levels, patients with kidney stones, and patients with kidney disease whose bodies cannot process phosphorus well should not take Prelief. As with any supplement, check with your physician before taking Prelief to be sure it is safe for you. Supplements are not as highly regulated or studied by the Food and Drug Administration as medications are, so if you take Prelief with other supplements or herbs, inform your doctor of that as well.

How To Take Prelief

Prelief comes in tablet form or in a powdered form that has a shaker similar to a salt shaker. Before eating highly acidic foods, take one or two Prelief tablets or shake Prelief powder over your food. Prelief can be used every time you eat acidic foods. The FDA considers the chemical in Prelief to be generally safe, but before beginning any supplement, contact your physician for approval.