How Do You Know If Your Hair Is Healthy?

Strong, healthy hair is vibrant and shiny and can take years off of your appearance. If you think hair that's easy to style is in good shape, think again. Damaged strands are rougher than smooth, healthy locks and often styles more easily into an updo or ponytail and holds curl longer than healthy hair. There are several ways to tell whether your mane is in tip-top condition or you need to consider heading to your hairdresser to snip off damaged ends.

Look your hair in the mirror 3. If you notice little white dots sprinkled through your mane, they're likely split ends. Examine the hair around the crown and along your part for hair that sticks up and is shorter than the surrounding strands. This indicates hair breakage, either from poor hair health or excessive styling.

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Take a strand of hair and drop it into a container of water. Strands that float indicate healthy hair 3. Damaged, dry hair is porous and will absorb water and sink.

Run your fingers through your hair 3. Hair that feels soft and smooth means healthy locks. Damaged hair will feel brittle or rough.

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Pay attention in the shower. It is normal to lose up to 200 hairs each day, but a dramatic increase in the amount of hair that comes out while shampooing indicates a problem with your hair's health.

Notice changes in your hair while styling. Hair that normally looks shiny and lies flat that suddenly starts to frizz, become unruly or appear dull could be damaged. Damaged hair with lots of split ends becomes frizzy more easily often makes hair appear unruly.


Fake healthy looking hair by combing a leave-in conditioner through your hair while it's wet. Shine serum can hide a multitude of problems, including split ends, frizz and damage from heat or styling.


Most damage occurs because of over-styling or aggressive coloring. If this doesn't apply to you, visit a doctor. Sudden changes in hair quality can be related to certain health conditions such as thyroid disease, lupus and diabetes.