Honey for a Toothache

Toothaches can make anyone feel miserable. They can come on suddenly and you may not be able to get treatment right away. Honey may provide a way to cope with the pain until you can get to a dentist.

Toothaches and Honey

Often tooth pain is a result of bacteria wreaking havoc in your mouth, leading to inflammation or even gum disease. Applying honey topically to the pain site may be an effective way to decrease pain caused by a buildup of bacteria.

Antibacterial Properties

Honey is known to have several surprising qualities. It is so acidic and full of sugar that it kills bacteria. Logic would tell us that sugar would be more likely to rot your teeth than to help them, but laboratory tests have shown that honey produces hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic.

What To Do

Mix together one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and five teaspoons of honey. Rub a small amount of the mixture directly onto the affected tooth. Repeat this two to three times each day until the pain abates or you are able to visit the dentist.