Home Remedies for Tinnitus

By Meghan Slocum

Tinnitus is the medical term for hearing ringing, buzzing or other types of noises in the ear. While many people experience tinnitus occasionally, some people suffer from severe and prolonged tinnitus that interferes with daily life. Several home remedies might help you relieve tinnitus.

Provide Background Noise

Many people find their tinnitus is worse in quiet surroundings. Playing music, running a fan, or using a white noise machine can all help you cope with your tinnitus by making the noise in your ears less noticeable. This strategy can be particularly helpful when you're trying to sleep at night.

Reduce Irritants

Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol, all of which can worsen tinnitus. Staying away from loud noises can also be helpful, especially if your tinnitus is the result of hearing loss. If you must come into contact with excessive noise, make sure to wear ear protection. Stress can irritate tinnitus. Incorporating relaxation into your life and learning how to avoid unnecessary stresses can improve tinnitus.

If Possible, Treat the Source of Your Tinnitus

If you think your tinnitus is the result of an ear infection, try to treat the infection at home. Health food stores or natural grocery stores probably carry ear drops that will help your body fight the infection. Once the ear infection is resolved, your tinnitus should go away. If you believe your tinnitus is the result of earwax, you can try clearing the blockage at home. Try putting a few drops of mineral oil, or hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, into your ear canal to soften the wax. After letting the drops sit in your ear for a few minutes, flush your ear out with water using a bulb syringe. It might take several days of this treatment to remove the wax in your ear. If your tinnitus is indeed the result of earwax buildup, it should clear up soon after you remove the excess wax.

Seeking Medical Attention

You might want to seek help from your doctor if your tinnitus is still bothering you after you've tried some home remedies. Depending on the cause of your tinnitus, your doctor might be able to lessen your tinnitus.

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