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Healing a Stretched Bladder

A stretched bladder can be the result of age or experiencing numerous pregnancies. When a bladder becomes stretched, the bladder muscles give the wrong messages to the brain and you may experience an urgent need to go to the bathroom and may not make it. You have lost control over your bladder and suffer from overactive bladder syndrome, which can be worsened by alcohol and caffeine consumption 2.

Is This an Emergency?

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What and How Much You Drink

Quit drinking products with caffeine because caffeine stimulates the bladder and will make your urine urgency even worse. Continue drinking normal amounts of fluids, while avoiding caffeine and alcohol, because this will thin out the concentration of your urine. When urine is concentrated, it irritates the bladder muscle.


How to Naturally Lift the Bladder

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Medications are available to treat this condition including antimuscarinics. These drugs work by blocking the nerve impulses to the bladder that cause the bladder to relax. Bladder capacity increases as a result of this medication.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles that wrap under the uterus, bladder and womb. Learn the Kegel exercises, where you isolate those muscles, squeeze and hold, recommends the Mayo Clinic 1. This should help eliminate problems that are resulting from your stretched bladder.


Reasons for Bladder Not Emptying

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If the problem can’t be resolved, you may opt to undergo surgery. Sacral nerve stimulation can be achieved by inserting an implant into your bladder to help it contract normally and evenly, according to 2. In another operation called augmentation cystoplasty, a small piece of tissue from your intestine is added to the bladder wall to increase the size of the bladder.

Last Resort

Urinary diversion is another technique that is used. The tubes from your kidneys, which are called ureters, are routed so that they lead directly to the outside of your body. This procedure is only used when everything else has failed.