How to Get Glass Out of Your Foot if Your Can't See It

Once you break a glass indoors it is very difficult to locate all the shards and slivers particularly if it is clear glass. This may result in someone who is bare-footed getting a piece stuck in his foot. Wood or metal splinters are easier to spot than glass shards since glass tends to be clear and tiny. Using the proper tools enables you to spot the glass to remove it successfully.

Wash your hands and the affected foot with soap and water before attempting to remove the glass. Dry them with a soft, clean towel 1. This prevents infection and also gets rid of any blood that may hide the piece of glass.

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Sterilize a pair of tweezers and a needle by soaking them in a small bowl with rubbing alcohol for 10 to 15 minutes.

Work in an area that is brightly lit and hold a magnifying glass over the area 1.** The glass piece may sparkle, thus enabling you to see where it is located. Keep cotton balls handy to wipe away any blood if the wound continues to bleed. Another idea to to hold a flashlight over the foot to see if you can see the glass sparkling in this manner.

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Rub the needle flat across the wound. If you feel pain while doing this, the glass splinter is probably sticking out of the wound and you just simply cannot see it. Notate the area that caused pain and look at it from a different angle to try to locate the splinter.

Pull the glass splinter out with the tweezers if you manage to locate it. If not, continue trying other methods.

Place a strong piece of tape over the dry wound. Lift the tape off quickly and check it for the piece of glass.

Spread a thin layer of white school glue over the dry wound and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. Peel off the dried glue with the tips of your fingers 2. Examine the glue for the glass splinter 1.**

Wipe over the wound with hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball. This disinfects the site and doesn't sting as much as rubbing alcohol.

Prick the wound a tiny bit with the sharp end of the needle. Take care not to insert the needle deeply, it is likely that the glass splinter is just below the skin. Open it just enough to see the puncture site better. Use the magnifying glass or flashlight again to try and spot the glass.

Remove the splinter with tweezers and then apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound and cover it with a bandage to protect the wound from getting dirt in it.


If you still cannot locate the glass splinters after trying all the methods or the site continues to give you pain after removing the glass, see your doctor. Another piece of glass may be deeply embedded. The physician can perform an ultrasound to locate the glass and apply a local anesthetic before removing it.

Wear shoes to prevent getting glass or other types of splinters in your feet. House slippers are also comfortable and keep your feet free of injury indoors.

After sweeping up broken glass, run a vacuum over the entire area to prevent any shards of glass you cannot see on the floor.