What Foods Causes Liver Cysts?

What Are Liver Cysts?

A liver cyst is a small sac-like development, often filled with a watery or mucous-like liquid on the inside. They are often very small, and only detectable on a CAT scan or ultrasound of the liver. They are not life-threatening, and are often discovered by chance. There are no direct symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of liver cysts, but they must be monitored to be sure they are noncancerous growths. Many people have liver cysts and may not know it. These particular cysts can occur at any age, and may even be present at birth in some cases.

What Foods Cause Liver Cysts?

Most liver cysts are caused from several years of an inadequate diet, often of very fatty or unhealthy foods. As one gets older, the liver becomes less able to regenerate the cells within itself, and is instead left with damaged cells caused after years of a fat-filled diet. Eating large amounts of junk food, excess alcohol use, very fatty foods and a heavy diet in meats are all contributing factors to the development of liver cysts. For the most part, cysts are relatively harmless but may cause some pain. Your doctor or physician will need to closely monitor these cysts, though, for any possible cancers that may develop.

How Can Liver Cysts Be Prevented?

To maintain the health of your liver, and your overall body, you should maintain a healthy diet. Minimize the intake of deep-fried and fatty foods, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, dairy products, meats and junk foods. Avoid soda and stick to water and vegetable or fruit juices. Taking flax-seed oil, vitamin E and selenium helps prevent liver damage, and also helps heal previous damage.