How to Flush Out Your Body

By Laura Dos Santos

The foods we consume and the elements that we are exposed to can result in a buildup of toxins. Flushing your body of toxins is excellent for improving weight loss and the function of bodily processes, as well as general health. While fasting has been a popular method of cleansing the body, it is unrealistic for those who have a busy lifestyle. Making some major dietary changes for just a few weeks can be just as effective as fasting.

Replace all drinks (including alcohol) with water or unsweetened green tea. For best results, consume at least 4 cups of hot or iced green tea (one tea bag each) a day. It is important that the tea be unsweetened, as sweeteners contain many of the toxins you are trying to flush from your system.

Eliminate from your diet carbohydrates that do not come from fruit. You will begin to see results from the flush (e.g. weight loss, higher energy levels) after just two weeks. However, for best results follow the diet for an entire month. Breads, pastas, and rice have a lot of unnatural fillers. As a preventative measure, consider eliminating any white breads, white pastas, or white rice from your diet permanently once you have completed the cleansing period. Consuming only whole grains will reduce the amount of toxic buildup in your system.

Eliminate meats and dairy. Meat and dairy are full of hormones and antibiotics, which can have adverse effects on your bodily processes. Replace meals where you would normally have meat and carbohydrates with raw fruits and vegetables. You will begin to see results after two weeks, but sticking to a raw diet is most effective if done for an entire month. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, as your body will burn through them faster than it does protein and fat.


Try some of the fruit-flavored green teas to add variety. Check the label to make sure the tea does not have any unnatural sweeteners. Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Your body is accustomed to running on fats and protein, and the extreme dietary changes can take a toll if you do not get enough rest.


Individuals react differently to extreme dietary changes. Consult your health-care provider before beginning any cleansing or detoxification process.

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