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How to Fix a Hoarse Voice Fast

A hoarse voice is always distressing, as it can make vocal communication uncomfortable and at times impossible. And if you rely on your voice for your profession, a hoarse voice can mean lost wages as surely as a bodily injury can mean lost wages for the average worker. When hoarseness is due to vocal strain, allergies or a recent cold, these methods will help you get your voice back to its natural state quickly.

Stop talking and singing to give your voice a rest. If you must talk, speak quietly, which will still allow your vocal cords to rest. Whispering, on the other hand, will tax your voice as much as shouting.

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Drink at least 80 oz. of water each day, which helps thin out mucus and ensures that your vocal cords and throat are fully hydrated 1.

Sip hot liquids to help bring needed moisture to your throat, especially if your hoarse voice is due to a cold or a cough 1. A broth containing garlic can help quickly thin mucus and take the stress off your voice, while ginger tea with agave or honey can help soothe and lubricate your vocal cords.

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Suppress a cough with cough syrup to ensure your voice doesn't get hoarser. Coughing can damage your vocal cords, especially if your cough is continuous. If you still feel the urge to cough while using cough syrup, suck on throat lozenges or hard candy, or take small sips of liquid 1.

Humidify your environment, as dry air will further dry out your throat and prolong your hoarse voice 1. To instantly give your hoarse voice a soothing dose of humidity, sit in your bathroom with a hot shower running and breathe the steam in deeply.


Avoid both alcohol and caffeine when you have a hoarse voice. Drinks containing either will dry the tissues of your throat and exacerbate your hoarse voice. Seek medical attention if your hoarse voice lasts for more than 2 weeks. It may be the sign of a serious medical condition.