Why Are My Feet Burning?

By Serena Brown ; Updated July 27, 2017

Burning feet is a common complaint, especially among those over 50. Also called burning feet syndrome, it is common among diabetics. Your feet feel like they are on fire and you are in terrible pain.


Symptoms of burning foot syndrome are usually stinging and burning feet. Sometimes patients will also experience redness and swelling of the feet.


Burning feet syndrome can be caused by blood disorders, nerve damage, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, athlete’s foot, alcoholism and diabetic neuropathy.


Treatments include creams and ointments that contain cooling ingredients, and pain medication. Magnet therapy has been effective for some patients.

Home Treatment

Treating burning feet syndrome at home involves bathing the feet in cool water. Feet should be elevated, rested and any shoes worn should be comfortable.


If the burning in your feet came on suddenly, it is a good idea to see a foot doctor. You should also visit a physician if the burning is caused by an open foot wound, which may be infected.

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