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How to Enlarge Hips Naturally

By Andrew Smith

There are numerous exercise programs and diet plans out on the market that can help you get skinnier. Not everybody is a fan of this look, though. Many individuals want nothing more than to have wider hips. Obviously, you can enlarge your hips (and other parts of your body) by simply eating lots of junk food. There are much better ways to achieve your goal, though. Here are some exercises you can do to naturally enlarge your hips.

Begin with a standard standing leg raise. Put on your ankle weights and stand in a doorway. Grab onto either the side or top of the doorway (whichever is more comfortable) for balance. Place your feet together and stand perfectly straight. Lift your right leg out to the side, keeping both legs straight while doing so. Lift your left as far as you can and then slowly lower it back down to the starting position. Repeat this 10 times and then do the same with the other leg. Do this three separate times for each leg (30 lifts each leg).

Perform a lying-down side leg raise. Put your ankle weights on and lie down on the ground on your side. Your body should be straight so that your legs are directly on top of one another. Keeping your top leg straight, raise that leg up into the air as high as you possibly can. Then, slowly lower that leg back down to the starting position. Do this 20 times and then turn over and repeat this with your other leg. Go back and forth three different times so that you will complete 60 total reps.

Do kneeling side leg raises. Wearing ankle weights, get onto your hands and knees. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart from one another and your legs should be together. Keeping your right leg bent, raise that leg off of the ground. Raise it up as high as you can while keeping it bent. Then, fully extend your leg out and off to the side. Go as far as you possibly can and hold it there for three seconds. After this, slowly return your leg back to the starting position. Perform this exercise with your left leg. Continue switching back and forth until you have completed 10 to 20 raises for each leg.

Perform side lunges for your hips. Instead of wearing ankle weights, grab two dumbbells (either five or 10 pounds, depending on your strength). Stand up tall so that your entire body is perfectly straight with your arms on either side of your body. Separate your feet so that they are about three feet apart. Keeping your back perfectly straight, bend your right knee so that your leg is at a 90-degree angle. Your left leg should remain straight while doing this. After two to three seconds, use your hips to quickly stand back up, keeping your feet about three feet apart. Do the same thing with your left leg, this time keeping your right leg perfectly straight. Go back and forth until you have completed 15 to 20 lunges on either side.

Walk sideways on an inclined treadmill. This may be the most popular and well-known exercise for enlarging your hips. Set the treadmill to an incline you are comfortable with and to a standard "walking speed." Stand sideways in front of the moving track of the treadmill and grab on to the rail. Using your nearest foot, step onto the treadmill. You should take a longer step than normal because you will be crossing that foot over your other foot. Staying in the middle of the treadmill, continue performing sideways crossovers for roughly 10 minutes (you can do 15 if you are comfortable). Then, turn around and do the same crossovers facing the opposite side of the treadmill.

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