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How to Dress for Zumba

By Contributor

Zumba is a type of exercise that blends upbeat music with dance movements to create a total body workout. Picking the right exercise clothes is important in Zumba to avoid constricting movement. Learn how to dress for Zumba to enjoy a comfortable workout.

Wear a supportive bra during Zumba exercise. A good sports bra should restrict breast movement, deter chaffing and wick away perspiration. If you're not sure which kind of bra to choose, get measured by a professional who can find the exercise bra that fits your body and budget.

Choose clothes for Zumba that won't interfere with exercise movements. Tee shirts and exercise pants and shorts should stretch with your body and be made of wicking material to keep you dry. Socks should fit snugly and be thick enough to provide a barrier against blisters.

Pick the right shoes for a Zumba exercise workout. Choose shoes that offer stability and cushion your movements. Observe the amount of traction on the shoes. Too much traction can impede dance footwork in Zumba.

Consider buying clothes made specifically for Zumba. The Zumba website offers a variety of Zumba exercise clothes in a wide array of sizes, colors and styles. Popular items include cargo exercise pants, colorful tank tops and fitted tee shirts.

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