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Does Weight Lifting Help Sagging Breasts?

Pectoral exercise won't firm breast tissue because it contains no muscles. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue and are thus immune to any weight-lifting routines you may have in mind.

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However, developing your pectorals with go a long way toward creating an upper body shape that helps prevent the appearance of saggy breasts.

Work Your Pecs

The chest contains major and minor pectoral muscles in the areas of the sternum, clavier and upper arms. The Women Fitness website illustrates 10 pectoral exercises that will help you develop a shapely upper body. Most of them involve weight machines you can try in your local gym. A few exercises can be performed at home with hand weights and a bench. If you are a beginner, repeat all these exercises seven to nine times. For intermediate-level exercisers, nine to 11 repetitions are adequate. If you are an advanced fitness buff, try for 12 to 14 repetitions.

Bench Press

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One exercise you can do at home with hand weights is the bench press. Lie on your bench with your legs slightly apart, feet on the floor, shoulder blades against the bench. Hold two dumbbells facing away from you and slowly extend both arms up fully until the weights are over your head. Don't lock your elbows. Lower the weights in unison, with control, so they are at chest height. Exhale and straighten your arms again, repeating the sequence with the length of your back in contact with the bench throughout all repetitions.

Push-Up Variations

Push-ups require no equipment and work both the major and minor pectorals. To do push-ups properly, only the tips of your toes and your palms should touch the ground. However, if you are a beginner and are still building your strength, you can put your knees down and raise your feet, as demonstrated on the President's Challenge website. As you get stronger, you will be able to graduate to the more difficult position. But even as a beginner, pay special attention to keeping your torso completely straight. Lower your body evenly until you are about 2 inches from the ground. At this time, your arms will be bent at a right angle. Again, always maintain a flat, not arched, back.

Pectoral Flyes

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Personal trainer Matt Roberts recommends two pectoral flye exercises you can do anywhere with just two medium hand weights or even small water bottles. For the pectoral flye, lie on your back, knees bent, starting out with arms to the sides and parallel to your shoulders. Bring your arms up in a wide arc and end the movement when your hands are together in front of you. Keep your elbows slightly bent as you do this. As you make this movement, rather than focusing on your arms, bring your hands together, concentrating on your chest muscles as doing all the work. Repeat three to 10 times.

Reverse Flyes

Bend forward from your waist so your back is parallel to the floor, with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent. Your arms are hanging down in front of you, only slightly bent at the elbows, hands grasping light-to-medium weights. Now concentrate on the muscles at the rear of your shoulders as you raise your arms out to the side in an arc. The movement ends when your hands are slightly above and behind your shoulders. Repeat three to 10 times.