How to Do the Scabies Ink Test

While it is important to seek professional attention when any rash is discovered, a simple test can be executed at home in order to determine whether the rash is Scabies related. The marker test, also known as the Scabies Ink Test, is a fast and effective way to test for Scabies from the comfort of your home.

Find a fresh, itchy area of bumps on your skin. These areas may also look like grayish, squiggly lines also known as the burrows.

Draw over the bumps with a dark, washable wide-tipped marker.

Pour rubbing alcohol into a piece of gauze or use an alcohol wipe and wipe away the marker to the best of your ability. If there are indeed Scabies burrowed in your skin, the ink will not wash away and will instead leave a dark, irregular line along the burrow. Occasionally, a tiny, black dot will remain at the end of the burrow where the mite is located.


This test is not 100% reliable. If you suspect the rash is something serious, see a doctor. Throw away the marker after you perform the test and do not allow your skin to come in contact with anyone else's skin until a full diagnosis is made by a doctor.