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How to Do Kegel Exercises (for Women)

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Muscles grow weak if not exercised regularly, including those that comprise the floor of your pelvis. Weakness of your pelvic floor muscles may contribute to urinary leakage, a problem that affects approximately 50 percent of American women, according to Dr. Yashika Dooley and colleagues in a 2008 article in the "Journal of Urology." Practiced for a few minutes each day, Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, increasing support of your urinary and genital organs and potentially enhancing your sexual experience.

Find Your Focus

Step 1

Locate and gain control of your pelvic floor muscles by voluntarily mimicking everyday uses of them. Attempt to stop your urine stream when emptying your bladder; the muscles used to stop urine flow are your pelvic floor muscles. Don't be discouraged if you cannot completely stop your urine stream. The objective of this process is to learn how to control the muscles you will contract when performing Kegel exercises.

Step 2

Wash your hands, then lie down and insert a finger partially into your vagina. Squeeze the muscles of your pelvis until you feel your vagina contracting around your finger. When you feel pressure on your finger, you've identified the muscles you will be using when performing Kegel exercises.

Step 3

Repeat these focusing steps until you feel confident that you know what muscles to exercise. You may need several days of practice until you can contract your pelvic floor muscles at will. Taking the time to find your focus will make your Kegel exercises more effective in the long run.

Daily Practice

Step 1

Choose two or three convenient times of day to begin your daily Kegel exercise practice. For example, you can do one set before getting dressed, another during your lunch break and your final set after your nightly bedtime routine.

Step 2

Empty your bladder before beginning a Kegel exercise session.

Step 3

Contract your pelvic floor muscles for a slow count of three, then relax them for the same period. Count to yourself by thinking, "Squeeze, one, two, three, relax, one, two, three." Repeat the contraction and relaxation cycle 10 times during each practice session when you first begin performing Kegel exercises.

Step 4

Alternate performing Kegel exercises in sitting, standing and lying positions. Some women change their body position during each practice session, performing a few exercises in each position. You can also choose a different body position for each session. For example, sit while performing your morning Kegel exercises, stand for your midday set and lie down for your evening set.

Step 5

Gradually increase the number of Kegel exercise repetitions you are performing to 25 to 50 contractions per session. Then start to gradually increase the period of holding your contractions to a slow count of 10.

Step 6

Continue your Kegel exercise sessions as part of your daily routine.

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