How to Dissolve a Kidney Stone

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My mother suffered with kidney stones. So much so that back in the 1950's when they did not know that much about the condition, the doctor remove one of her kidneys. Mother lived for more than 40 years with one kidney. However, it meant being extra careful when it came to kidney stones. I'll tell you how to dissolve a kidney stone.

Kidney stones are small mineral deposits that form over a period of time. It generally starts out very small but tends to grow over a period of time if not flushed through our body system. Urologist found that kidney stones come from a large deposit of calcium or uric acid in the urine. It can also be caused by insufficient water in the kidneys which dissolves our waste. My mother often recommended that we drink a gallon of water each day. Kidney stones also shows up in different sizes and have been known to range from 4mm to 7mm. If the stone is small enough, it may dissolve on its own if the person drinks the right amount of fluid. Some stones may require surgery because they are too large to go away by simply drinking water or fluids to flush your system. In this case, some urologist might opt to use the vibration technique hoping to break the stone up into smaller pieces so that they can be dissolved. The most common kidney stone is the calcium phosphate stone which is usually treated with Vitamin C.

Dissolve the Stone.

To dissolve a calcium kidney stone, mix 1 cup of concentrated Lemon Juice with 1 quart of water and drink it. Repeat this process twice more in a 24 hour period. If the stone is persistent, you should contact your doctor.

Prevent Kidney Stones.

Kidney stones can be avoided by increasing fluid and vitamin C intake. Try drinking fruit and vegetable juices to increase your body' s citrate levels. Citrate tends to stop calcium buildup. Stay away from soda pops and foods with high sugar content.

Try taking a good B-complex vitamin supplement every day. Kidney stones are extremely painful. But this is a natural way of dissolving your kidney stone.


Several websites offered information on how to dissolve kidney stones. I suggested the one my mother used because I know it works. Access the sites in the resource section below for other suggested remedies and preventions. Stay away from sugary foods.

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