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What Are the Dangers of Extremely Low TSH Levels?

Low TSH levels indicate your body is producing too much thyroid hormone. This hormone serves many important functions, and excessive levels can cause a number of problems.


Low TSH levels indicate hyperthyroidism, a condition characterized by excessive amounts of thyroid hormone. You need to treat this condition.


Treatments for Low TSH Levels

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Thyroid hormone regulates many bodily functions including metabolism. Increased production can lead to nervousness, irritability, weight loss regardless of diet, rapid heartbeat and sensitivity to heat.


Serious complications can result from low TSH levels.These complications can include a variety of heart problems, weak bones, eye and skin problems, and thyrotoxic crisis—a serious condition that can cause delirious behavior. Seek medical care if your symptoms increase intensely as this can indicate thyroxic crisis.

Lowering Hormone Production

Cortisol Levels & Itchy Skin

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Several treatment options exist to treat excessive thyroid hormone production. They include iodine treatments to shrink the thyroid, and medications to reduce hormone production as well as certain symptoms. In rare cases, your doctor might recommend removing most of your thyroid gland.

Monitoring Your Condition

It is important to monitor your hormone levels to make sure you are taking the proper amount of medication. Too much or too little can cause problems; be diligent about any appointments and testing that your doctor requests.