What Are the Dangers of Drinking Whiskey Straight?

Whiskey has been glamorized over the years through Hollywood and television, but drinking it straight holds numerous dangers. Whiskey is made out of barley and malt and can be mixed and aged in various combinations to form different flavors. It is often enjoyed as a sipping drink straight out of the bottle. This is fine in moderation, but drinking a lot of whiskey has serious health consequences and should be avoided 1.

Alcohol Poisoning

When whiskey is taken straight, there is a chance that a large amount will be consumed in a short period of time. This is a form of binge drinking that leads to alcohol poisoning in some people 1. Alcohol poisoning occurs when the body becomes over-saturated with alcohol and cannot handle it any longer. At this point, an individual might become sick, experience a blackout or pass out. Death is a possibility due to an individual choking on his vomit while sleeping or experiencing a brain system shutdown because of the high level of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Impaired Judgment

Straight whiskey is not diluted by other products such as soft drinks or water, and therefore is very strong. A drinker of straight whiskey might consume multiple shots in a few minutes, which leads to intoxication and impaired judgment. When an individual is experiencing impaired judgment, she often makes bad, risky or illogical decisions such as:

  • drinking
  • driving
  • fighting
  • falling down or having unprotected sex

Other Short-Term Risks

Drinking straight whiskey can cause soreness within the throat and larynx due to the strength of the drink. It also can contribute to a restless night's sleep and a hangover the next day.

Long-Term Risks

There are many dangerous long-term risks associated with drinking straight whiskey. Alcoholism occurs in many individuals, and causes problems in relationships, work, school and financial areas of life. Individuals who drink a lot of alcohol regularly experience higher levels of depression and are more likely to smoke cigarettes than non-drinkers. Drinking straight whiskey contributes to obesity because there are up to 150 empty calories in one single shot, and drinkers are more likely to eat unhealthy meals while drinking.