Cystex Side Effects

By Meadow Milano

Cystex is a medication that is used to relieve discomfort related to urinary tract infection. Cystex side effects are usually mild, however, it can also cause adverse reactions when taken with other medication.


Cystex side effects include abdominal pain and cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, skin rash and itching.


Rare Cystex side effects include swelling of the lips, mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, facial swelling and wheezing. These dangerous side effects may occur as a result of aspirin, which is an active ingredient in Cystex.

Time Frame

Cystex side effects are rare, however, if the patient experiences difficulty breathing, wheezing or gastrointestinal bleeding, the physician should be notified immediately. Timely and appropriate medical intervention is necessary to prevent further adverse reactions.


This medication should never be used in anyone under eighteen years old because of the small but real risk of Reye's Syndrome. Aspirin can spur the onset of this condition in children. Aspirin is an ingredient in Cystex.


Cystex side effects are more pronounced in the geriatric patient. To reduce side effects in these individuals, dose reduction is recommended.

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