Cures for Jittery Shakes & Nervousness

Nervousness and jitters often accompany stressful times at work or at home. Though not as serious as many anxiety disorders, which can severely impact a sufferer's life, nervousness symptoms (such as shallow breathing, trouble sleeping, sweating, a racing heartbeat, etc.) can be treated and kept to a minimum once a person learns proper coping mechanisms to incorporate into his or her everyday life.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Reactionary Techniques

Whenever you are in a situation that you think might lead you to feel nervous or jittery, try to calm yourself immediately before these feelings can escalate. Identifying contributors, or situations that cause one to feel nervous, is crucial to finding an appropriate cure. When you sense such a contributor, you should work to reduce the presence of that contributor in your life, and begin positive thinking and calm breathing to combat nervousness. You should remind yourself to stay rational and level-headed in situations, and that mistakes can always be fixed—feeling nervous, jittery or shaky will not help to resolve a situation, and may often make that situation worse.

What To Eat and Drink

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are known to help the brain maintain normal function and relax the nerves, and so natural foods and supplements with these minerals should be taken to calm symptoms of nervousness. Both alcohol and sugar can exacerbate jitters and alcohol will reduce magnesium levels in the body, so consumption of both products should be kept to a minimum by anyone experiencing nervousness and jitters.

Other Ways To Cope

There are habits and coping mechanisms that you can incorporate into your everyday life in order to deal with nervousness. One is exercise, the ultimate natural anxiety killer and mood booster. Exercise releases endorphin chemicals, causing both mind and body to feel a natural and positive boost. Meditation is another method which may reduce—or even completely overcome—jitters, shakes, and nervousness.