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How to Cure a Sinus Infection?

Nasal congestion, headaches and sinus pain are symptoms of a sinus infection. When a nasal cavity is swollen and inflamed, a person will start experiencing the physical manifestation of the infection. The key to fighting this infection is to drain the sinus in order to relieve the congestion and reduce the pressure behind the pain. While there is no immediate cure, there are home remedies that can kill the bacteria and ease the symptoms while the body heals.

Is This an Emergency?

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Visit your general doctor to confirm the sinus infection and receive a prescription for antibiotics. Inquire about an effective nasal spray to treat your symptoms. Weigh the pros and cons of using prescribed medication versus natural remedies. While antibiotics do provide quicker relief, they may cause allergic reactions and counteract its purpose. This may lead to a higher antibiotic dosage, requiring a slower recovery rate.

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Ditch the coffee and drink hot tea or chicken soup throughout the day along with large amounts of water. This will flush the mucus out of your sinuses by moisturizing your mucous membrane. If your urine lightens in color, then you are on the right path.

Empty out an eyedropper and fill up it with hydrogen peroxide. Place one drop in each ear three times a day. This will assist your naval activity by clearing your ear passageway, getting rid of any bacteria and prevent disease from spreading.

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Open your pores and sinuses 3. Run the hot water in the sink or fill up a basin with hot water. Close your eyes and place your face very close to the water, letting the steam hit your face. Blow out your nose and feel your sinuses slowly clear up. When you have done this for five minutes, refill the basin with steaming hot water. Drop a small towel into the water and let it sit for a few seconds. Strain the towel and place it on your face. Do not remove until the towel starts to cool.

Adjust your diet. Stay away from spicy foods, dairy and large intakes of sweets and sugar for a few weeks. Take vitamins and Zinc supplements to take out your cold. Eat foods that can strengthen your immune system, such as berries, dark grapes, broccoli and tomatoes.

Rest your body throughout the day. Take naps if possible and call it a night early. Get a full night's sleep in order to calm your body and strengthens its defenses.


Take a steam bath before going to sleep. Avoid temperature extremes, such as blasting the air conditioner or sitting under the sun on a hot summer day.