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How to Cure Ringworm Once and For All

People in many walks of life occasionally come face to face with the various forms of ringworm. Ringworm is a nasty fungal infection that can pop up on various parts of the body leaving reddish rings on the outside of the skin.

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The condition is real common in young to middle age men specifically ones participating in athletics. This article is gonna describe several ways to treat this fungal infection.

The first and most obvious step towards getting rid of ringworm is to shower and bath daily. The fungus feeds on dead skin and likes damp areas usually spots where people sweat. I recommend using Selson Blue on both your scalp and the infected areas.

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The next thing to do is to frequently wash and change your clothes, pillow cases, sheets and blankets. You can do everything you want to cure ringworm but if all the items mentioned above remain unclean it's likely to come right back again.

Go out and get more exposure to sunlight. This may be embarrassing or difficult with ringworm but sunlight is one of the best natural ways to cure the fungus problems. Open up those windows to your room as and allow the sunlight in there as well.

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Place either lemon slices or lemon juice on the infected fungal areas. This is a natural ringworm cure that many people swear works better than most medicines or creams on the market.

The final step is perhaps the most drastic one but it works nonetheless. Older people can make a mix of bleach and water to wipe on the ringworm infected areas. This isn't a cure you want to try on children because it can burn. I highly recommend starting off with a very low amount on bleach in the mix until you decide how much you can tolerate. Perhaps starting off with 4 cups of water and 1 cup of bleach would be best to test your reaction.


Always keep the areas in question clean and dry.


If the condition persists or worsens then consult a doctor. Remember to start off with a small amount of bleach in that remedy.