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How to Cure An Infected Finger

If you've ever had an infected finger you know how horribly bad it hurts. Infected fingers can be dangerous if puss should get into your blood stream, but they are also very curable by using a simple home remedy. Want to cure that infected finger as quick as possible, here's how...

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Boil a teapot of water on the stove. Pour some boiling water into a shallow cup.

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Measure a 1/3 cup of Epsom salt and pour into your cup of a boiling water. Stir until Epsom salt dissolves.

Let the cup of water cool down until you can stick your infected finger into it at the highest temperature you can stand. Let the infected finger soak as long as possible.

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At some point after the finger has soaked for a good long while you should see puss from the infected finger start to seep out. You may want to help squeeze some of the puss out of the finger after it's soaked in the Epsom salt water. The water helps soften and prune the finger making it easier to force the puss out.

You may need to do this proceedure several times to remove all the puss. Between those times use "Neosporin" and wrap your infected finger up with a Band Aid.


Keep the water as warm to hot as possible while your infected finger soaks. After a while you can prick the infected area with a CLEAN STERILE needle if needed Epsom salt and Neosporin seem to draw puss out.


If infection persist consult a physician Do not use a needle which has not been properly sterilized If a purple streak from the infection runs down your finger, consult physician immediately.