How to Cure a Cough

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Cure a Cough. Coughs are usually one of two types--dry or wet. Depending on which type of cough you have depends on how you cure the cough. The best way to diagnose the cough is by seeing a doctor. However, if it's a recurring problem, you can treat the cough the way your doctor treated it in the past, but if it doesn't clear up in a couple of days consult your doctor.

Decide on the type of cough you have. A dry cough is when you have an itchy scratch in your throat. A wet cough is one in which you are coughing up mucus.

Get the right cough medication for your cough. There are two types of cough medicines--antitussive or expectorant.

Use an antitussive cough mixture when you have a dry cough. An antitussive stops the natural reaction of the body to cough, which is what you want to do since the cough makes the irritation worse.

Buy an expectorant cough medicine when you have a wet cough. You are coughing up mucus and you don't want to suppress it. If you don't cough it up, it will stay in your lungs and cause more problems in the long run.

Try a home remedy such as honey and lemon to cure your cough. Some home remedies do work some of the time, but if your cough lasts more than a couple of days, consult your doctor.


Be aware, antitussives can be addictive, find one called dextromethorphan which is safe. Some coughs can turn into bronchitis, so don't let it go on too long.

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