How to Create Rorschach Tests

How to Create Rorschach Tests. Most people are familiar with the ink-blot or Rorschach Test in which the subject is shown a series of somewhat cryptic blobs of ink to determine someone's intellectual, psychological and emotional functioning. However, it remains somewhat of an enigma to create one of these strange ink-blots. Create your own Rorschach Test in a few easy steps.

Creating the Images

Obtain a copy of the images for the Rorschach Test. Go to the Rorschach association for copies or visit the American Psychological Association website for information on obtaining copies of the original test. Note that you must be a licensed professional to obtain these documents.

Get 15 sheets of white cardstock and black cardstock (10 white and 5 black). Fold the cardstock in half to make 10 sheets of each color.

Get high quality black, white, and red ink. Preferably buy it from a craft store so it isn't runny. Lay the paper down on a flat surface to prepare to make the inkblots.

Dribble the black ink on the white cardstock and the white ink on the black cardstock. Fold the cardstock together and press the ink into itself, pressing firmly along the edges.

Repeat step four with the red ink on the remaining 5 sheets of white cardstock. Use up to three or four colors to create the colored images; blue, yellow and green are common in Rorschach Tests.

Administering the Test

Allow the tests to dry. Gather a pad and pencil to record your observations for administering the test.

Show your ink blots to your client one by one. Slowly cycle through all the images.

Return to the first image and ask the client what they see. Record all information they state, taking note of any emotional cues, body language, or unconventional interpretations.

Cycle through the rest of the images using the same process in step 3, allowing the client plenty of time to process the image. Rotate the images for the client and pull away or closer to them if they desire.

Record all of the information and then go back through and look for recurrent themes within the clients processing such as faces, nature, death and love. Research a desired method of interpretation into the client's mental processing; the John E. Exner method is popular in the United States.


Be creative in how you dribble the ink as it will make for better blots and more creative interpretations. Research various methods of interpretation and common ways of administering the test by professionals. Try the blots on yourself, and see if they invoke any response in you. If your ink blots don't invoke a response, then re-create them and make them a bit more interesting.


Do not attempt to seriously administer this test if you are not a mental health professional. Do not publish any copies of the Rorschach test on the Internet or elsewhere. This test is copyrighted by the Rorschach association and using it illegally is a violation of ethical code of the American Psychological Association.