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Cow Urine for Weight Loss

By Adam Fonseca ; Updated July 27, 2017

Introduced to the mainstream medical world from India, cow urine (often served in a solution similar to soda) offers numerous health benefits for those brave enough to try a truly alternative medicine. Along with documented benefits related to heart health and hypertension treatment, some people have benefitted from cow urine for help in losing weight.

Chemistry and Research

For all intents and purposes, cow urine is exactly what most people think it is: a waste product from cows as a result from consuming food and water on a daily basis. According to CowUrine.com, the urine consists of three main parts: urea (the end product of metabolism), uric acid (which has strong antibacterial properties due to the acidity), and numerous nutritional minerals not properly digested by the animal.

After numerous scientific studies well-documented on CowUrine.com, researchers propose that diseases ranging from diabetes to gastrointestinal disorders can be treated successfully with minimal to no side effects after consuming a cow urine solution under the supervision of a medical professional. When combined with hormones and additional vitamins found in everyday foods, cow urine can also assist in weight loss.

Vitamins and Weight Loss

According to YogSandesh.com, cow urine contains numerous vitamins often found in many major weight loss drug treatments, including vitamins A, B, D, E, and minerals like creatinine and gold. Enzymes critical to digestion are also found in cow urine, which is the active agent that assists in the weight loss process. According to a recent study published in the African Journal of Biomedical Research, lab rats who were administered a solution consisting of cow urine and vitamins presented a decreased appetite mere days after the initial dosage due to lower secretion in the pyloric gland.


While cow urine therapy is definitely seen as an alternative form of medicine that has well-documented results in the medical field, many people are still skeptical about introducing humans to a waste product from a different species. It is important to note that governing bodies such as the FDA have not approved the use of cow urine solutions or mixtures for the treatment of any disease or disorder and should only be used after speaking to a medical professional.

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