How to Correct Double Vision

By Kendra Mouncil Ricks

Double vision (Diplopia) is when the eyes do not work together. This causes a person to see double or to see 'two' of the same object. Once an eye specialist has examined your eyes and diagnosed your condition as dipoplia. The eye specialist will develop a treatment plan specific to your evaluation. Double vision can be corrected by glasses, eye exercising therapy, eye muscle surgery, or a combination of these.

Wearing glasses to treat diplopia may be a corrective measure, which will be determined by your eye exam. If you are prescribed glasses, often times you will have to wear them all the time. Press-on prisms can be applied to your eyeglass lenses, this will help your eyes to focus and to help alleviate double vision. Make sure you have regular eye exams to determine whether your condition is improving or getting worse. Your prescription will have to be adjusted to accommodate the changes.

Receiving eye exercise therapy could be used alone or combined with wearing glasses. Often times, once the specialist determines that you need glasses, he may also suggest eye exercises as well. The specialist will usually set up office visits for this therapy on a case by case basis, depending on the patient's needs. Some of these exercises are very simple and can also be repeated at home.

Having eye muscle surgery may be considered to be a last resort for some people. However, if it is done to improve appearance, some people may consider it as a first choice. The surgery helps to align the eyes so that they are working together again as a team. It is better to have the surgery early in life if possible (before age two), if the condition is diagnosed. There are risks involved as with any surgery, so make sure you discuss those risks with your doctor beforehand.

Combining all or some of the above for the treatment of double vision is also a possible therapy. Your specialist may determine that you may have optimal benefit by combining all or some of these therapies. Therefore, know and understand that this could be the therapy that is chosen as the best treatment to correct your double vision.

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