Common Spiders in Nevada

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Nevada's hot climate makes it an ideal state for certain spiders to live. Many of the spiders that live in Nevada pose no threat to humans, but there are still a few with bites that can be unpleasant. Knowing what kind of spiders reside in your area can help you determine whether a spider that you encounter is potentially dangerous.

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider has a venomous bite. The bite is not fatal but can be very painful. The wolf spider is very common in Nevada. It is identified by its hairy body. Wolf spiders resemble a smaller version of the tarantula and can get up to about five inches in length. They are a brown camouflage color that blends into desert environments. Wolf spiders tend to be nocturnal but can be active in both the day and night time. Wolf spiders will attack if they feel threatened.

Jumping Spider

icarolina wolf spider image by Kurt Anderson from

Jumping spiders are also very common throughout Nevada. This spider is not dangerous but will usually attack if it feels threatened. The spider is called the jumping spider because it will leap large distances at times. The jumping spiders that reside in Nevada tend to be brown or black and no more than a couple of inches in length.

Araneus gemma

icarolina wolf spider image by Kurt Anderson from

Araneus gemma, commonly called the cat-faced spider, is also common throughout Nevada. This spider is not dangerous to humans. They are usually no more than half an inch in length. It weaves an orb-like web. They are typically orange or brown.

Funnel-Weaving Spider

The funnel-weaving spider is commonly found in houses in Nevada. This spider is shy and not dangerous to humans. They look very similar to the wolf spider, though one defining characteristic is that these spiders build webs, unlike the wolf spider. Most funnel weavers are brown and build their nests in lawns, usually protected by rocks or webs. These spiders will only attacked when provoked.

Giant Crab Spider

This is a huge spider and very common in Nevada. They have a leg span of about two inches. These look rather scary but are not dangerous to humans but their bite can be quite painful. These spiders are usually brown. They are typically found under rocks and dark dwellings. The giant crab spider is nocturnal.