Coloxyl Side Effects

Coloxyl is a medication that contains the active ingredient docusate 1. This medication is a type of stool softener that helps alleviate painful bowel movement symptoms caused by constipation. In the United States, Coloxyl is marketed under the brand name Colace. Patients should be aware of Coloxyl side effects before beginning treatment with this medication.

Is This an Emergency?

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Bitter Taste

Coloxyl is typically administered orally and can cause an unpleasant or bitter taste within the mouth as a side effect of treatment, PDRHealth explains 3. The bitter taste is typically temporary but can recur with subsequent dosing. Eating a small snack immediately after taking this medication can help resolve bitter oral sensations.


Following treatment with Coloxyl, certain patients can experience nausea side effects, reports 12. Nausea sensations are typically mild, but can contribute to a temporary loss of appetite in affected patients. Patients can limit the severity of upset stomach symptoms if they avoid taking Coloxyl on an empty stomach. If vomiting occurs after taking Coloxyl, affected patients should seek medical care.


Diarrhea can arise as a side effect of Coloxyl in treated patients. Affected patients can experience frequent, urgent bowel movements that may occur in conjunction with abdominal cramping, bloating or rumbling, according to Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology. Patients who develop severe or chronic diarrhea, rectal bleeding or rectal numbness require immediate medical care as these side effects can be signs of a serious reaction to Coloxyl.