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Guidelines by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) indicate most over-the-counter cough and cold remedies may be ineffective, and doctors suggest that children under 12 do not take these remedies. Still over-the-counter cold medicines abound in the pharmacy. While most people can take any of the cold medication at the prescribed dose without side effects, diabetics have to be careful since cold medication does contain some sugar. However, to cater to a large market, pharmaceutical companies have come up with cold medicine formulas safe for diabetics.

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Benylin Adult

Benylin Adult is a sugar-free and alcohol-free version of the cold medicine popular with patients who have associated cough symptoms as well. The most common ingredient for the formula is dextromethorphan.


Most Common Products With Dextromethorphan

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Robitussin-CF with dextromethorphan helps control cold and coughs. It is sugar-free and can safely be used by diabetic patients.

Diabetic Products by Scot-Tussin

Scot-Tussin products were the first in a line of sugar-free and alcohol-free cold and cough medicines. These are safe for diabetics 1.

Echinacea Combinations

Cough Medicines for People With High Blood Pressure

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A company called Insure makes a natural cold medicine from Echinacea combinations. This is a sugar-free product and helps colds and coughs. However, diabetics should always inform a doctor when they take a medication to ensure there are no interactions with any medication they may be on.

Sugar-Free Cough and Cold Drops

There are lots of sugar-free cough and cold drops that help soothe the throat when you have a cold. These are available at most stores 1.

Flu Shot

The best cold and flu treatment prescribed by doctors is the flu shot at the beginning of winter or end of fall. It helps reduce the intensity of any cold and flu you may get, and it is safe for diabetic patients.

Regular Mucinex

Regular Mucinex is acceptable for diabetics but the decongestant version may cause a spike in sugar level and blood pressure as well.