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How to Clean Wrestling Headgear

By Beth Reinke

Keeping your wrestling headgear clean isn’t rocket science, but it does require a little planning and persistence. In fact, taking a few minutes each day to care for all of your grappler clothes and equipment – including headgear – may pay off in fewer skin infections and a fresher-smelling locker. To prevent the spread bacteria, never borrow a fellow grappler’s headgear and don’t share yours.

Disinfecting Your Headgear

Disposable alcohol-based wipes are your best bet for cleaning headgear, according to the National Wrestling Coaches Association. Look for 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes or other alcohol-based antibacterial wipes, which are available in pop-top canisters or in single packets. Clean your gear right after practice, so sweat and blood don’t have time to dry. Wipe down the entire surface, inside and out, including the ear guards, chin cup and all of the straps. Allow the alcohol to evaporate. Wrap your headgear in a clean plastic bag before stashing it in your gym bag to prevent bacterial contamination from your sweaty wrestling clothes.

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