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How to Check for Ticks

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Check for Ticks. Even with the most potent bug spray and practical clothing, you still need to check for ticks after a day out in the woods or tall grass. Check yourself as soon as you get home. Ticks like to start at the bottom and make their way up your body. If you start looking as soon as you get out of their territory, you can catch them before they settle in for dinner.

Head straight for your bathroom and strip off all your clothes. Toss them in a dry bathtub. This keeps any critters crawling across the bathroom floor. Just because they aren't on you, doesn't mean they won't find you later in they are out crawling around.

Check your hair first. If you have long hair, take it down. Run your fingers flat against your scalp and over your entire head. Hold your fingers together and use both hands. Touch the entire surface area of your scalp. Feel for small bumps or objects against your head.

Comb your hair. Hopefully you didn't find any ticks attached to your head, but they could still be around. Use a small-toothed comb and thoroughly comb through all of your hair. If your hair is long, pull it up when you're finished.

Look over the rest of your body from the top down. Some ticks are very small, so look carefully at your skin. You are looking for a small, round, black or brown bump. Stand in front of a long mirror to look at your back side or ask for some assistance if your partner is around.

Raise your arms and check your armpits. Ladies, be sure to check underneath your breasts. Ticks like dark areas. Check your male and female parts just in case. Chances are that ticks ran up the outside of your clothing to your head, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Put on some clean clothes. If you've made it this far without finding a tick you are good to go. Carefully pick up your clothes from the bathtub and hold them away from yourself. Look for ticks in the bathtub.

Take your clothes outside and give them a shake. Turn them inside out and shake them again. If you found a tick, leave your clothes outside for a while. If you missed one, it should crawl away eventually in search of more food.


Know where the tweezers are before you check yourself in case you find a tick and need to remove it.

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