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How to Change Eye Color With Biokinesis

Biokinesis is the use of kinetic energy to control or rearrange genes and structures inside your body. Changing your eye color with biokinesis involves manipulating your body with your mind 1. It is thought to be a dangerous practice if you aren't careful or quit between starting the procedure and finishing it. It takes time, practice and learning how to appreciate yourself.

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Lay down on a comfortable, soft surface in the time right before you go to sleep. Relax and focus on the peaceful emptiness that's present behind your closed eyes.

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Visualize your body in its relaxed state. In the visualization, your eyes should be closed. Watch as your body opens its eyes and observe the color of the eyes change to the shade you desire. Deeply focus on the particular color of the eyes.

Envision the body with the new-colored eyes being absorbed by you and becoming you. Visualize yourself opening these eyes and looking in a mirror. In the reflection, see your eye color as the new, desired one.

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Re-enter a state of consciousness. Reflect on the exercise, what you did and what you saw. Focus on the change you seek.

Repeat the process every night for one month. Whenever you look into a mirror, visualize your eyes as the new eye color. Convince yourself that your eyes are the desired color.

Watch as your eyes begin to change. With time, your mind will see your eye color change into the desired color.


Be very careful when doing biokinesis. Some people have reported experiencing blindness when attempting to change their eye color. You may determine the risk isn't worth it.