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Causes of Hair Loss in Older Women

By Contributing Writer ; Updated July 27, 2017

This article is about the many factors that may cause hair loss in older women, including hormonal changes and vitamin deficiencies. Hair loss can be troublesome and so here is some more information on how to try and avoid it.

Hormonal Causes

A serious change in hormones due to pregnancy or menopause can cause the hair to enter a resting phase. Hair still breaks and falls out, but the growth is slowed down, resulting in thinning hair.


After many years of dieting and malnutrition, women can experience hair loss due to a lack of vitamins in their system.

Chemical Treatments

After years spent dyeing and chemically treating hair, the follicles grow weak and thin. This can lead to hair loss.

Blow Outs and Flat Irons

Blowing out your hair, or using a flat iron can severely damage your hair. The heat from the flat iron damages your hair's natural stregnth and excessive brushing can weaken the follicles.

Avoiding Hair Loss

Taking vitamins and iron supplements can strengthen your hair. Also changing your diet can help too. Towel dry your hair naturally as it can give your hair a chance to recover from heat and pulling caused by blowouts.

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