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How to Know If You Have A Case Of Head Lice

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

You may think you have an itchy scalp from dandruff but it could be head lice. Here is how to tell.

Try a nit comb. It is nearly impossible for you to tell by yourself if you have head lice although with a nit comb you may be able to comb out and see nits and live bugs. It is embarrassing but you will probably need a friend to inspect your scalp.

Look for brownish looking small bugs, which resemble tiny sea crabs, and tiny oval white eggs or nits. If your head has been itching for some time, mostly where your hair is thickest, often toward the back, you may have head lice.

Smell your comb for a foul odor. Another sign besides live lice and eggs is a foul smelling scalp. You can smell the waste product of the lice. It smells similar to rotting leaves or dirt. If you find any nits or lice you must begin treatment immediately. Try covering your entire hair and scalp with regular mayonnaise for one hour or longer and shampooing, then combing out the nits with a special nit comb. You will also need a friend to do this, then repeat the mayonnaise treatment for one more hour to smother the lice. You can treat with over the counter products such as Rid as well, even in conjunction with the mayonnaise treatment. Head lice are very hard to kill unfortunately. You must wash all bedding and clothes and dry on high heat.

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