Cancer & Leg Pain

Understanding the various signs and symptoms of cancer can be the difference between a positive prognosis and an unfavorable outcome. While you need not fixate yourself on the possibility of developing cancer, you should be aware of the various signs that indicate the need for a trip to the physician. Unexplainable leg pain is one general symptom that might precede a battle with cancer.


Cancer is nothing more than the unchecked development of abnormal cells within your body. While cells become technically "cancerous" quite often, the body is normally efficient at ferreting these cells out and destroying them before they pose a threat. Cancer is what occurs when abnormal cells slip under the proverbial radar, developing without opposition until they become a substantial enough threat to compromise health.

General Cancer Symptoms

Cancer & Leg Pain

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While specific forms of cancer have equally specific symptoms, there are certain commonalities between the types of cancer that indicate trouble. These include chills, fever, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, unexplained weight loss, night sweats and general feelings of malaise. The trouble is that many of these symptoms overlap with any number of other conditions, so it is important to contact your physician immediately as soon as you sense something is amiss.

Leg Pain

Localized leg pain can also be a sign of advanced cancer that has metastasized to the bones. As cancer develops, it eventually begins to spread throughout the body to other locations. One very common area for the spread of cancer is within the bones, with the most common symptom being frequent, localized pain in the affected bone.


Early Bone Cancer Symptoms

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According to the American Cancer Society, one possible complication from this is that the bones can degenerate and become weaker, potentially leading to unexpected breaks. Additionally, cancer that has spread is generally harder to treat than localized cancer, so being proactive is crucial to maximize your chances of winning a fight with cancer.


Remember that leg pain does not necessarily indicate advanced cancer; it is just one possible diagnosis. Thus, you should not necessarily go running off to the doctor every time your leg hurts. If, however, leg pain is coupled with the other general symptoms of cancer mentioned above, you might be better off scheduling an appointment.