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Can You Still Get a Rash After a Shingles Vaccine?

By Erik Steel ; Updated July 27, 2017

It is possible to develop a shingles outbreak after being vaccinated against the condition. However, the vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of outbreak as well as lowering the chances of complications for the condition.


There is no surefire way to prevent a shingles rash from occurring. However, the Mayo Clinic reports that being vaccinated may cut a person's risk by more than fifty per cent.


In addition to reducing the risk of shingles, the shingles vaccine substantially lessens the risk of shingles complications like postherpetic neuralgia (a long-lasting pain condition).


People who are vaccinated against shingles and do go on to develop the condition generally have a milder form of the disease.

Time Frame

The shingles vaccine provides protection against the condition for at least six years.


Some people who are vaccinated against shingles develop a mild shingles-like rash as a side effect. This rash should be covered as a precaution to avoid spreading the varicella-zoster virus to people who have never had chicken pox.

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