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Can I Lose Weight With a Rebounder?

A rebounder is also called a mini-trampoline, and most models measure about 3 feet in diameter. Not only is rebounding enjoyable and convenient, but it can also be an exercise that helps you lose weight. Other benefits include detoxification, toning, improved metabolism and stress relief. How much weight you want to lose, and how quickly, will determine the rebounding workout you choose. Preferably rebound in bare feet, because this helps to prevent your feet from slipping on the mat surface. You can incorporate rebounding into a comprehensive weight loss program that includes other exercises, such as walking, bicycling and training with weights. Always check with your health practitioner before beginning an exercise program.

Factors in Weight Loss

Factors that will influence how much weight you lose with rebounding, and how quickly, include quantity and intensity of your rebounding. The more frequently you rebound, and for longer periods of time at each workout, the more likely you are to lose more weight. Also, when you rebound with more intensity, you have a better chance of losing weight more quickly.

Basic Routine

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You can rebound at varying intensities, such as by gently bouncing on the rebounder or by vigorously jogging in place or jumping further up off the mat. For maximum weight loss, however, perform a more strenuous rebound routine. Warm up by gently bouncing, and work up to bouncing higher off the mat and exerting more effort and energy. Alternate this with some jogging and sprinting in place. If you are just beginning to exercise and rebound, start off by rebounding for just a few minutes at a time. Gradually lengthen your rebounding workout to 30 minutes or longer. Cool down at the end of each workout by returning to slower, less vigorous bouncing.


To keep some variety in your rebounding weight loss workouts, include movements like jumping jacks. Do them as quickly as you can for greater weight loss effectiveness. Make sure your rebounder is large enough, however, before performing jumping jacks on it. Also for some variety, as you jump on your rebounder try challenging yourself to jump as high as you can off the mat while still being safe. More strenuous movements like this can yield greater weight loss.

Whole-body Exercise

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Rebounders are not just for exercises you perform while standing. For an effective whole-body exercise that can tone your abdominals, legs and back, sit on your rebounder while keeping your feet on the floor beside the rebounder. Lift your feet from the floor while leaning back slightly. Hold your arms straight out while bouncing your body on the rebounder. After you have gotten familiar with this move, try doing it while lengthening your legs straight up and out. You will know you are performing this move correctly when your torso and legs form a "V" shape.