Can Any Creams Remove Insect Bite Scars?

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Bug bites can leave small scars and cause skin discoloration. Scar creams can help reduce the appearance of insect bite scars by increasing collagen production. More severe insect bite scars can be treated with creams that contain hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching agent. Be sure to read the cream's application instructions carefully before treating any scars.

Scar Zone Scar Diminishing Cream

Scar Zone Scar Diminishing Cream contains green tea antioxidants to help restore damaged skin, according to The cream also has silicone that protects and moisturizes the skin. Repeated massaging of the cream into any scars helps reduce its appearance, according to the website. The cream is supposed to be applied twice a day for two to three minutes each time. Eventually scars flatten and soften. Green tea extracts encourage smoother skin and help restore normal skin tone. According to the website, Scar Zone can be used on newly healed wounds and older scars. The cream is not intended for open wounds and should be used topically only. Scar Zone contains ingredients that act as a sunscreen agent and skin protector.

ReJuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream

ReJuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream features ceramide technology that reduces the appearance of scars and repairs skin, according to The website claims that the cream is all-natural and can permanently heal scars by promoting collagen production, which aids in the removal of scar tissue. The cream is available in a 0.7 oz. and 1.9 oz. bottle. Some of the creams ingredients include aloe vera, soy, lactic acid and glycoproteins. There are no parabins in Hyper Heal Scar Cream. The cream should be applied in small amounts twice a day, and scars typically fade within one to three months.

Tri-Luma Cream

Tri-Luma Cream contains the skin-bleaching agent hydroquinone, which is used in a number of skincare products to lighten areas of darkened skin and to reduce the appearance of scars, according to Tri-Luma Cream is designed to treat the skin discoloration condition known as melasma, but because of the cream's active 4 percent hydroquinone ingredient, the product can also be used to treat insect bite scars. The cream should be applied at least 30 minutes before going to bed by gently massaging the cream into the affected area of the skin with your fingers, according to Do not apply the cream near open areas of the face such as the mouth, nose, eyes or wounds.