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Calories in Gujarati Food

Gujarati cuisine originates from an area in west India called Gujurat. The food contains primarily of vegetables, which are typically low calorie. A single meal often consists of several smaller dishes served on a large metal tray called a thali.

Common Dishes

Some of the more popular main dishes include lentil dahl, which contains 209 calories per portion. Rice and beans, called khichdi, contains around 196 calories, according to the MyFood-a-pedia website. Dishes may also include stewed potato or eggplant.

Common Side Dishes

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A portion of the flat bread roti contains around 60 calories. Kahdi, is a yogurt curd-based dish often used for dipping pakoras and other foods. A small bowl of kadhi contains 88 calories. Pickles may add around 25 calories.

Total Calories

A thali with several dishes and a roti may contain around 578 calories. However, larger thalis with more than 5 dishes can easily exceed that total. The many spices used in cooking contain almost no calories.